Monday, February 13, 2017

Reflections - 30 Presets for Hive - Available now!

This soundset shows that Hive can't only be used for trancy sounds, even if it is undoubtly good at them.

With this soundset, I tried to get quite complex sounds out of Hive, often using it's ability to create sounds with multible layers. This soundset mainly focuses on pads which are great for soundtrack work, ambient and epic breakdowns, but there are also quite a few presets which complement the pads in a nice way.

All of the sounds have useful MIDI controls assigned, many of which do unusual things to the sounds.

You can download a demo bank of 4 presets here.

Below you can find an audio demo of some of the included presets. All sounds are straight from the soundset and I only used assigned MIDI controls for automation in this demo.

This soundset is available for just 6€. The download link will be send to you automatically.