Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Transformations - 38 Presets for Diva - Available now!

Diva is meant to be a "Dinosaur impersonating virtual analog" synth, in other words: it's meant to emulate sounds from the past.

With this soundset, I tried to check out what the boundaries of Diva's relatively simple synthesis structure are, to come up with unique presets which go beyond classic analog sounds. Once you dive deeper into Diva's synthesis possibilities, she has quite a few tricks up her sleeve! I tried to use these tricks to tweak every preset as much as possible.

The result is a small set of 38 presets that contains very elaborate sounds, which still have the lush sound of classic analog synths, but are not limited by their limitations.
As a contrast, I also included a few classic presets, which still use some of Diva's more advanced capabilities to make them sound as good as possible.

All presets are categorized, have a description and have common MIDI controls assigned to useful parameters. Simply turning the modwheel or applying aftertouch often drastically transforms the sounds into something completely new.

You can download a demo bank of 5 presets here.

Below you can find an audio demo of some of the included presets. All sounds are straight from the soundset and I only used assigned MIDI controls for automation in this demo.

This soundset is available for just 7€. The download link will be send to you automatically.